Lavender Lift

Lavender Lift - My facial products are all formulated to heal and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. Active ingredients are all natural: essences and extracts of fruits, flowers and plants combined for maximum benefit. Light, quickly absorbed creams, lotions and mask contain an exclusive plant enzyme proven to prevent and repair free radical damage to deeper layers of the skin.

Purchase All In Lavender Lift Aromatherapy for beautiful skin $131.4   QTY
Lavender Lift Cleanser 8.5 fl oz Rinse off lotion cleanser $21.00 QTY
Lavender Lift Freshening 8.5 oz PH balancing, non-alcoholic $19.00 QTY
Lavender Lift Mask 5 fl oz Gentile cleansing mask $19.00 QTY
Lavender Lift Moisture Cream 1.7 oz Quickly absorbed, for all skin types $29.00 QTY
Lavender Lift Restorative Cream 1.7 oz For dry, mature skin $31.50 QTY
Lavender Lift Serum 1 fl oz Light, intensive skin care $26.50 QTY