Aches and Pains/Colds and Flu
Exercise, arthritis or an active day can cause muscular aches and pains. Several of our products specifically relieve this discomfort. These same essences, such as pine and eucalyptus, treat respiratory congestion.
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Blue Mood
We all have moments of feeling blue or in need of TLC. There are essences of plants and flowers that can naturally improve your outlook on life, at least for a while, through calming fragrance and topical application.
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Most of us wish we had more energy to work, play and explore opportunities to live more fully. Try these self care methods which put you in touch with nature as they eliminate fatigue and create long lasting vitality.
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Rejuvenation: Body
The body can naturally renew itself if it receives the right stimulation and care. Aromatherapy has the power to rejuvenate all of you as strategic fragrance reaches deep into your psyche and essences awaken skin cells.
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Rejuvenation: Face
A young appearance has more to do with overall health than an absence of lines and wrinkles. My philosophy is, help the skin to be healthy with natural products and gentle face massage, and you are on the way to long lasting rejuvenation.
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Stress is now recognized as a leading cause of illness and premature aging. The products and self care methods suggested here relieve and neutralize stress, which increases personal performance and a deep sense of well-being.
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