Judith Jackson Aromatherapy was introduced to this country twenty years ago when I discovered the power of this unique treatment to relax and renew with incredibly fragrant essential oils. This life changing discovery occurred in London. A few months later I returned to this remarkable William Street clinic and become a certified Aromatherapist. Since that time I have developed Aromatherapy products and treatment systems which are featured by leading spas and have earned a loyal consumer following.

As life became more complex and demanding in the 21st century, I began to research and experiment with ways in which my expertise and experience with natural treatments and product development could even further relieve stress and discomfort and open new doors to personal repair and rejuvenation. The result is - Alchemy - The Garden of Well Being - Wonder Rub.

ALCHEMY is an ancient system of transformation which began with Egyptian priests, Greek physicians and reached its ultimate development in the Renaissance, when innovation, research and experimentation became the foundation of modern chemistry and medicine. This period has inspired my Alchemy. The Bath and Body Elixirs are themed by astrology and mythological gods and goddesses.

THE GARDEN of WELL BEING uses an entirely new method of hydro-extraction to benefit skin and psyche with potent fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs. I have created these products by directly tapping into the whole peach, apricot, grape, celery, lemongrass and more to achieve a full spectrum of face and body care. These delicately fragranced creams, masks, gels and lotions protect and renew all skin types.

WONDER RUB has just emerged from my new Judith Jackson Laboratories located in France. Working with my chemist/pharmacist/manufacturer, I am creating natural pharmaceuticals which both heal and relieve with herbs, essential oils and plants. The first product from the laboratories, is Wonder Rub. This pleasantly fragrant, quickly absorbed analgesic balm contains 14 herbs and essences which topically banish aches and pains. What is very important to overall health, Wonder Rub delivers almost instant relief without side effects characteristic of ingested pain medications.

I invite you to celebrate twenty productive years with me and all who make my work possible. You can be sure that I will continue to dream, research, discover and develop products and treatments which transform and delight.